MN Gov. Tim Walz Speaks By Phone While In Self Quarantine 3/23/2020

MN Gov. Tim Walz Speaks By Phone While In Self Quarantine 3/23/2020

Here is a brief overview of Minnesota Governor Tim Walz' address to Minnesotans on Monday, March 23rd at 2:00pm. Walz made the conference over the phone while under self quarantine after one of his security staff tests positive for COVID-19.


Minnesota Governor Tim Walz has called in the National Guard to distribute PPE from Camp Ripley to the Twin Cities areas for distribution to local hospitals and care facilities.

#StayHomeMN is trending among Minnesotans to help spread the word of importance of self distancing.

Mr. Walz also went over the four executive orders that have been implemented in Minnesota.

Order 2014 Suspends evictions and writs of recovery during the COVID-19 crisis. He states its critical to protect the people during this crisis.

Order 2015 Immediate unemployment relief and small business and independent contractors loan program. Non profit lending partners will be announced at some point.

Order 2016 Hospital and healthcare to conduct a PPE and respirator inventory throughout the state.

Order 2017 Prohibit non essential elective surgeries and procedures.

The income taxes filing date in Minnesota has now been postponed to coincide with the federal tax date of Wednesday July 15th 2020.

Revised the 2020 supplemental budget to add $356 Million for the COVID-19 crisis.

National Guard and Martial Law?

As the National Guard starts pouring into Minnesota and other states around the country to help with the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19) outbreak, many people are beginning to question if this is the beginning of Martial Law? While Martial Law has been implemented for short terms in the past in small areas in our country, many fear a country wide rule of law enforced by our nations military.


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