Hot wheels Minneapolis enthusiast builds real remote cars with V8 engines

A red car with the steering wheel turned to the left.

Edward Nunn, a healthcare worker and car enthusiast, builds high quality, custom-made remote cars with V8 engines from his garage in Minneapolis. Nunn uses two 3D printers to produce the cars. "These bodies are hand-laid fibre glass, so no two bodies are the same. The thickness is varied and the doors, you know some of the stuff is the same. The parts are 3D-printed for the interior, yes they're the same, but he will make it trimmed because again, they have to get fitted to each particular body and floor panel," he said on Monday. The cars are fitted with powerful, mini-V8 engines that are controlled by remotes, like any normal toy car. "The cars start out like this. After the shop has welded them together, they come to me and what I do. This is how I get it from the shop," Nunn explained. The cars are typically sold for an excess of €26,000 ($30,000) due to their high-quality custom-made materials and uniqueness.


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